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Blake is a friendly and easy-going young man who is eager to learn new skills. Blake has an intellectual disability and is vision impaired, but is keen to try new experiences and get out of his comfort zone.

Support and Encouragement to Achieve Your Goals

He attends Jamisontown Day Program where the staff encourage and support him to work towards his goal of independence. Blake also has an aim to secure a job that suits his abilities and interests.

Jamisontown Day Program staff member, Andrew, sat down with Blake to understand his work goals. Blake decided that he wanted to try working in hospitality. So Andrew sourced a traineeship for Blake at Ratha’s Place Cafe in St Mary’s. Andrew assisted Blake through the interview process and kept up communication with the business to give them a bit of background about Blake’s work goals.

Business Connections to Help You Find Work

Ratha’s Place Cafe is a great supporter of Afford. The staff there are all very welcoming. They are also flexible to cater to the needs and abilities of many trainees who complete work experience with their business.

As part of the traineeship, Blake goes to Ratha’s Place Cafe for two days of the week. On Monday, he participates in theory and practice sessions. He learns how to make different types of coffees and what goes into each coffee.

Challenge Yourself and Learn New Skills

On Friday, he has practical sessions. This involves interacting with customers and staff. This part of the traineeship means that Blake has to take orders, deliver orders to customers and communicate well with the other staff about customer preferences.

Before his traineeship with Ratha Pace Cafe, Blake had also completed his RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) course, so he had additional skills to bring to his time at the cafe.

The traineeship is continuing to be very successful! Blake loves working at the cafe. He shows great work ethic and demonstrates a keen skill in coffee making.

Have Access To A Range of Supports with Afford

When you’re part of the Afford community, you have access to a wealth of services and supports to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to explore your interests in an Afford Day Program or learn more about work opportunities to suit your skills through SLES, Afford can help.

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