Afford’s Lifestyle Centre in the Cumberland LGA has recently been refreshed with brand-new fitness machines to create a functional onsite gym and motivate our customers. The grant funding: Modified sporting equipment for Guildford Lifestyle Centre was generously provided by Wenty Leagues Club and Cumberland City Council’s ClubGRANTS scheme.

Afford Lifestyle Centres pride themselves on having the best activities and opportunities so customers can live exciting and healthy lives.

“Everyone was excited! The customers even wanted to get involved with helping staff build the equipment. We let the customers choose the machines by asking them what they wanted and what they would use daily,” said Team Leader, Amber Stewart.

For this community of gym enthusiasts, the training equipment enables them to enjoy their workouts from the comfort of their site. As a result, their motivation towards exercise has dramatically improved and everyone has been getting involved.

“Bilal, Chelsea, William and Youssef have been enjoying it and like the convenience of staying at their site,” continued Amber.

The customers have been learning new breathing techniques and working on their overall motor skills by using the gym equipment. It has also encouraged them to improve their communication while practising resilience, patience and confidence.

“One of the many benefits we have seen is customers who have never used such equipment before becoming excited about engaging in the fitness program,” said Amber.

With each session, their self-confidence has grown and we look forward to seeing them continue to reach their goals.

We would like to recognise Wenty Leagues Club and the Cumberland City Council as Afford’s fitness program supporters.

Learn more about how Afford Lifestyle Centres encourage customers to keep active and enjoy the benefits of living a balanced lifestyle.

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