Aysh is one of our bright and friendly customers from the Holden Hill Lifestyle Centre. After just ten months at Afford, Aysh has come out of his shell, developed special friendships and made memories to last a lifetime.

Afford Lifestyle Centres give customers the confidence to discover more about themselves while working on their goals.

“When Aysh first joined the lifestyle centre being around others and in crowded spaces would cause him to experience behaviours. But now he arrives, he greets his mates, sits down, and even has lunch with them. He has made great improvements in socialising,” said Acting Team Leader, Arinze Ezeobi.

Aysh joined Holden Hill in March 2021. His family is proud to see him becoming confident around others and community settings.

“When I chatted with Aysh’s mum, she spoke highly of Afford and the growth she has seen in him. She was also very impressed that at home, he talks about his friends and will mention them by name,” continued Arinze.

Hearing her son invite lifestyle centres peers to his birthday party was another extraordinary moment for her.

Whether it’s cooking a barbecue or trying new sports, you will now consistently find Aysh around a circle of friends at Holden Hill.

“He is a lovely customer. Aysh is always smiling and saying hello to everyone. He currently attends two days a week but is considering attending Club Afford to have more adventures in 2022,” said Arinze.

Aysh loves his music and the sensory comfort it brings him. He is rarely seen without his headphones on however one of his new year’s resolutions is to feel confident without them.

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