Chicken, sheep, ducks and camels were just some of the animals that Jordan had the pleasure of learning more about on a recent trip to White Ridge Farm in Queensland.

Jordan is a friendly young woman who loves exploring her community and meeting new people. With support from lifestyle assistant Victoria, the farm outing was a chance to boost Jordan’s confidence in different social situations and was a great opportunity for Jordan to make new fur-friends.

While at the farm, Jordan had the support to visit the pens of many different animals. She fed ducks, sheep and goats and enjoyed listening to the unique sounds of each animal.

Jordan was lucky enough to get close to a chicken, with her new feathery friend getting lots of strokes and pats while on Jordan’s lap.

The camel was possibly the largest animal that Jordan encountered during her trip. She listened to the farmers explain how best to feed the camels and the correct feed to give them. Jordan patted the camel’s soft, wool-like coat and looked on as the long-necked animal stretched to reach the food that Jordan held.

“Jordan was super excited to go out to White Ridge Farm to feed, hold and pat the animals. Her smile says it all with how much she enjoyed this outing,” said Victoria, Lifestyle Assistant at Afford’s Caboolture Supported Accommodation.

As part of the Afford Lifestyle, Jordan gets support from lifestyle assistants if or when she needs it, anytime, any day. At her Caboolture home, Jordan can get involved in activities she chooses and organises with Afford staff to go out and about in the community to do the things she loves.

Afford staff aim to make resident experiences times for learning and developing skills. Individuals have choice and opportunity to do the things that matter most to them, with support staff by their side when they need it.

Find out how you can enjoy community engagement, new life experience and time to achieve your goals for life as a resident in Supported Accommodation.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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