Club Afford members from Canley Vale Community Centre spent the weekend relaxing by the seaside of Ramsgate Beach. With the sun warming their faces and the ocean breeze through their hair, days like these allow our clients to relax and feel prepared for the week ahead.

The Club Afford program is a membership-based social group that aims to bring friends together for new adventures over the weekend.

“Our clients appreciate nature and they enjoy going to the beach. They didn’t even want to leave for lunch. They just wanted to stay on the beach enjoying the view,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Carlos Perez.

Ramsgate Beach is just a 45-minute drive from their community centre, so they had visited before. However, that didn’t stop them from wanting to soak up as much of the atmosphere as they could.

“We did a long walk on the beach, which I was proud of the clients for doing. Everyone was in good spirits and laughing all day,” continued Carlos.

The trip was decided that morning as the clients shared that they wanted to do something fun but inexpensive. Every person’s budget is considered when making Club Afford plans and money can’t buy the smiles and memories of having fun adventures with friends.

Visiting the beach was also an excellent opportunity for the clients to practice their life skills and achieve their goals whilst accessing the community.

“It was a great chance to explore mother nature and there were a lot of sensory stimulations at the beach too, which are great,” said Carlos.

For Canley Vale Club Afford, every Saturday is different. From bowling, going to the cinemas or to taking a road trip to the Blue Mountains, they are always doing something exciting.

Find out more about how the Afford Lifestyle can support you in making the most of your weekends and creating special memories with your friends.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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