Our Empire Supported Accommodation residents have been trying a new hobby of t-shirt printing. It was an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, strengthen their friendship and take pride in their achievements. The team had a great time adding a personal touch to matching shirts and they are excited to start working on some Christmas gifts for their families and friends.

At Afford, we take a whole-of-life approach to accommodation supports, so you will feel empowered to develop your life skills and explore your passions.

“The guys are always looking forward to their next adventure and they enjoy trying new activities. They had a great time learning to use the printing machine and thinking creatively,” said Team Leader, Jannine Buckley.

Lifestyle Assistant, Brittany Brown had the innovative idea to bring in her printer for the Empire men after she told them about personalising items for her children. She had spare transfers to share with the team and after shopping for some new shirts, they were ready to get hands-on.

“It was great to see the guys so excited about what they had achieved. I always say, if I leave work and the residents have a smile on their faces, then I have done my job,” continued Jannine.

The guys showed off their new shirts at work and their community centre. They have also been brainstorming on how they can use these newfound skills for the upcoming festive season. Matching Christmas shirts are on the agenda, as well as coasters and stubby holders for gifts.

Brittany began working at Empire during the lockdown and she has quickly bonded with the team and formed many special friendships.

“Keeping them happy and creative gives me great pleasure to be apart from the Empire and Butterflies team. I love seeing what our clients can put their minds to,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Brittany Brown.

Janine added, “It has been great having Brittany work with us. She is always thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas.”

We can’t wait to see what Empire create next!

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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