While some of us can only dream about sitting in the pilot’s seat and announcing, “Welcome aboard, this is your captain speaking,” Joshua from Goulburn Community Centre got to experience the next best thing. Josh was treated to a unique first-class experience at Goulburn Airport, where he got to play captain for the day and tour several planes.

Afford Community Centres will foster your passions and provide you with experiences you never dreamed possible.

“Our Lifestyle Assistant, Pettrina Fairhall, organised the day when Josh expressed an interest in planes after he saw one fly over our site. Her brother works at Goulburn Airport so he took some time out of his morning to show Josh around and give him an extraordinary experience,” shared Team Leader, Gemma Avery.

As expected, an exciting highlight of the day for Josh was accessing the plane’s cockpit and seeing all of the controls up close.

“Josh thought the whole experience was cool and it was great that Pettrina thought outside of the box to organise an interesting day out. She has a great rapport with Josh and they have made a lot of progress together,” continued Gemma.

Since attending Goulburn Community Centre and having 1:1 support, Josh’s anxiety has reduced and he has found a reason to smile every day.

“He is such a beautiful young man who has been doing well. He likes to be constantly trying something new and has been happy with our services,” said Gemma.

This day will become a memory that Josh treasures and will look back on with a smile.

When you join an Afford Community Centre, you will make special memories, learn important life skills and build meaningful relationships.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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