Club Afford members from Campbelltown Community Centre recently breathed in the fresh mountain air and experienced the wonderous Three Sisters landmark. The crew visited the top tourist location, Echo Point lookout, to view the impressive sandstone peaks and learn about the Indigenous history behind the site.

Afford’s membership-based social group, Club Afford, promotes social activities, healthy living, fun and exploration of the community.

“Club Afford is all about doing something out of the ordinary. Something different, fun and exciting so we decided to make a day of it and drive out to the Blue Mountains,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Fatmah Arja.

When Fatmah suggested the idea to the clients and explained what they could expect at the site, they were immediately excited. They hit the road early to make the most of their time and it was an excellent opportunity to work on individual goals.

“Raymond loved it. He brought his iPad with him and took lots of photos. He enjoys photography and loves to reminiscence over his photos and show his friends after events,” continued Fatmah.

The clients were intrigued by the Aboriginal dream-time legend surrounding the Three Sisters and it made for an educational afternoon. The legend speaks of three ladies who had fallen in love with three brothers who they were forbidden to marry so a battle ensued. The story suggests that the sisters were transformed into mountains to immortalise the battle.

“They enjoyed talking about the three sisters and learning about the history of the site. They had a great day and loved it,” said Fatmah.

The clients also enjoyed meeting new people at the lookout and to their surprise, they bumped into a friendly face.

Fatmah added, “We randomly saw the guitarist from the Condell Park Community Centre music sessions, that made the clients happy so we took some photos with him.”

When you join Club Afford, you will soon find yourself with a packed social calendar and making special memories that will last a lifetime.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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