Meet Daniel, an Afford community services client who is a performer with big dreams. His acting background and natural talent made him the perfect choice to film the introduction to Afford’s internal training video for our My Life, My Future program.

Meeting goals

Afford’s My Life, My Future program is about working with clients to help them become as independent as possible and take the lead in their own life. Daniel worked with our Learning and Development team to film the introduction to the program’s employee learning module. His acting credit list includes Bus Stop Films, NDIS training videos, and extra spots in feature films, and Daniel said filming for Afford was a thrill that aligns with his goals.

“Working with Afford is definitely up my alley. I said to my parents when I was five years old, I wanted to be a rock star, behind the screen or in front of the screen. Now I’m getting back into acting, this kind of stuff is an absolute thrill to do.”

Accessing community

Meeting his goals is a big focus for Daniel, who accesses community services through our one-to-one support and group-based programs.

“I’ve been with Afford for about 10 years now, starting after I left school in 2013. Everyone I meet is absolutely lovely to be with. And even though I can sometimes be not myself when I have my one-to-ones, I still love them. Right now, I am also meeting with my case worker about increasing my independence so I can eventually move out into my own place.”

Dreaming big

Looking to the future, Daniel’s career goals revolve around the entertainment industry but aren’t limited to performing, as he can see himself directing, teaching, and inspiring others.

“I’d love to work in my own film company with a lot of my friends who are gifted, where we teach the bright minds of the next few years. I’d like to be like Hugh Jackman a bit, he’s doing Broadway, still does some film acting, and he’s also a director.

“Another dream job would be to work as a mascot at a theme park like Movie World because to see little kids with happy faces makes my day so much.”

Community Services

Afford provides access for people with disability to a range of social and recreational activities in our hubs and in the community. We provide one-to-one support and group-based programs tailored to meet your needs and goals. Tap to find out more about Community Services at Afford.


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