Victorian Affordians have faced Stage 4 restrictions for quite some time. As a way to encourage positive mindsets and meaningfulness in life for residents living in Afford Supported Accommodation across the state, staff are working with residents to focus on self.

Trafalgar home resident, Michael has taken on this challenge whole-heartedly. One of the best ways to support a healthy mindset is have something to look forward to – it could be an event, activity or even a gift.

Michael’s goal is to invite his parents over for breakfast and maybe even dinner once restrictions ease in Melbourne and he can have visitors at his home.

Working towards this goal, he asked lifestyle assistants to help him learn how to cook some of his favourite dishes so he can make them for his family. Lifestyle assistants are there to support Michael and his fellow housemates whenever they need it, any time and any day. Staff provide encouragement and facilitate the experience for residents to help them develop independence.

Michael’s first attempt in the kitchen was making pancakes for morning tea. With growing confidence he also assisted staff prepare breakfast for his housemate, Jackson.

On the dinner menu, Michael was supported by staff to make lamb shanks. He chopped, peeled, and baked the vegetables on his own. He browned the lamb shanks on the stovetop and then put them in the oven to slow cook. He knew they were ready when he checked the meat, and it easily fell off the bone. Delish!

How To: Best Lamb Shanks Recipes from Best Recipes.

Once restriction ease, Michael plans to cook lamb shanks for his dad. His mum’s favourite fruit is mangoes, so he is also going to make pancakes with mangoes as a special surprise.

More time at home has helped Michael further develop his life skills. He confidently cleans his bedroom and organises his personal things, just the way he likes them. Now that he has discovered his love of cooking, he also makes an effort to clean up the dishes on his own after cooking and finishing his meal.

During these trying times all residents at Afford are supported by staff to cope and adapt to changes to usual routines.

A focus on self for the residents at the Trafalgar home has helped them identify goals and work on skills to build their confidence for everyday life.

Headspace offers strategies and advice to get back into life during COVID-19.

Find out more about the Afford Lifestyle delivered in Afford Supported Accommodation in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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