As Sydney’s lockdown persists, it is inspiring to see so many of our Community Centre’s making the best of the situation and taking advantage of the simple things in life. By sharing coffee with friends in the sun and letting their creative juices flow, Albion Park Community Centre has created memories they will look back on with a smile.

Afford Community Centres are hubs of activity where clients can explore their passions in a safe environment where all COVID-19 safety protocols are followed.

“Everyone at my site, including the clients, have been so understanding about the restrictions and lockdown. It is so nice to come into work every day to such positivity and switch off from the negativity in the media. There are no complaints at Albion Park,” said Team Leader, Nicole Vidovic.

For Albion Park Community Centre, one of their favourite community access activities is going out to the local café or pub and sharing a meal with their friends and lifestyle assistants. Unfortunately, this had not been an option with lockdown, so they have created the next best thing.

“We have been recreating the café experience at our site by hosting morning tea’s outside in our front and back yards. We use the resources we have to try and recreate our clients’ favourite activities and it brings them a lot of joy,” continued Nicole.

Clients Carmen and Sarah have also been taking this opportunity to develop their knitting and sewing skills. The ladies suggested knitting to their lifestyle assistants when asked what they wanted to do for the day. The team then jumped on board to make it happen right away.

“Carmen and Sarah researched some patterns online and found a few ideas so we put together a resource book for them with step by step instructions and techniques. They are doing so well. The whole team joke that they should set up a side business selling their creations,” said Nicole.

There is no limit to the creative activities that sites can introduce to keep clients feeling positive and inspired during these challenging times.

If you are ready to start living your best life and make the most of every day, then Afford Community Centres are for you.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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