Some of you may recognise the friendly face of Josh from Southport Community Centre, one of our spectacular clients whose smiling photograph has been featured across Afford signage and marketing material.

Josh recently had a larger-than-life experience when he attended the Gold Coast Disability Expo and saw his photo decorating the booth.

“Josh saw his photo on the wall of the Afford booth and got very excited. He was saying that he was famous and was engaging with people walking past, encouraging them to come to the Afford stand,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Igor Reis.

Josh has been with Afford for over two years and enjoys attending disability expos so that he can visit the Afford stall. He also enjoys the presentations and entertainment at these events.

“When we arrived at the expo, Josh walked straight up to the Afford stand and started helping the customer care staff with the booth. He filled up the pens, opened boxes and helped with a general tidy,” continued Igor.

As they made their way around the expo, Josh told Igor, “I’m having a great day and I love the expo.”

Josh’s goals are to develop his daily living skills and be more independent both at home and in the community. Attending the expo was an excellent way for him to implement steps towards achieving these goals with support right by his side.

Igor is proud of Josh’s achievements so far and the can-do attitude he brings to every day.

“Josh is such an awesome person and is always willing to help around the hub,” Igor said.

Afford’s Community Centre clients are supported to access the community, achieve their goals and become independent while making special memories.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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