Our residents from Billabong Supported Accommodation are the first of our residents to get their COVID-19 vaccinations and they handled it like champions.

The group travelled to Sonic Health in Blacktown for the vaccinations, where their lifestyle assistants supported them through the whole process.

“Our residents were very brave going in for their vaccinations thanks to the amazing support of our lifestyle assistants who also booked themselves in for their vaccines. This was a great approach as it demonstrates how this is a team effort and everyone is included,” said Accommodation Team Leader, Zahra Fakhrodin.

The lifestyle assistants at Billabong have been doing weekly COVID-19 training with their clients for the last four months to make sure they feel informed and confident when handling these new challenges in society.

“Kuldeep Kumar, one of our lifestyle assistants at Billabong, has been instrumental in preparing our residents. He is the main reason they were confident in getting their vaccines as he is extremely supportive both emotionally and spiritually, in what can be tough situations,” continued Zahra.

The residents weren’t nervous at all and waited patiently for their turn. The GP at the clinic once again explained the vaccine while the residents remained in good spirits.

Lifestyle Assistant, Patricia Castro also assisted on the day and noted that the residents have also booked in for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, which will be taking place soon.

“It’s normal for us to have doubts or concerns about something new, but they were brave and had a good day, followed by some lunch afterwards,” said Patricia.

Afford is proud to have the best staff in the sector who will always go above and beyond to ensure residents of our supported accommodation feel safe and informed about every choice they make.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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