Rosetta’s trip to Fremantle Art Centre was a delight for her senses! Hearing the sounds of nature, feeling the immersive art in her hands and absorbing all the bright and inviting colours made for an unforgettable trip. Stepping out of her routine at Bentley Lifestyle Centre enabled Rosetta to work towards her goal of living new experiences.

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“I started working with Rosetta approximately six weeks ago and have found her to be a very family orientated lady. When the weather is not too hot, she loves to visit parks and appreciate nature,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Jennifer Crase.

Jennifer personalises lifestyle centre outings to the needs and interests of each customer. She suggested Fremantle Art Centre as she discovered they had a new hundreds and thousands exhibition that Rosetta would love. The rich sensory activities, including optical colour machines, soft sculptures, and participatory digital art, were inspired by the key ingredient to fairy bread, sprinkles.

“As we walked through the exhibition, we would discuss the different items and the colours used. Rosetta would get very excited with certain colours and she loved the Forest area as she was able to look around inside and listen to the audio of the birds,” continued Jennifer.

Rosetta was thankful for the opportunity to experience outings she had not been able to do independently since her stroke ten years ago. She has developed a close bond with Jennifer and they are working on ticking off more adventures from her bucket list.

“One of her current goals is to visit family members she has not seen often due to the location of her previous aged facility and a lack of transport. Afford can now help with that! We have visits planned for the next few weeks where she will visit her family at their homes,” said Jennifer.

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