Cooking, sunshine and craft are Ryan’s go-to recipe for a perfect day at Narre Warren Supported Accommodation. In two years with Afford, Ryan has achieved several goals and has become a confident and vibrant resident.

At Afford’s Supported Accommodation, you will have every opportunity to become the best version of yourself and discover your passions in a supportive environment.

“Ryan is a very sweet person and he is almost always in a good mood. It has been hard with Victoria going in and out of lockdown, but Ryan has been very positive,” said Lifestyle Assistant Adriana Urrea.

This lockdown has been an excellent opportunity for Ryan to get more experimental with one of his favourite activities, cooking.

“We do a lot of cooking and recently, I have been teaching him some of my traditional meals. I have a Spanish background, I am from Chile, so we have been incorporating that into our days,” continued Adriana.

The Narre Warren house had new basketball hoops delivered and shooting hoops has since become one of Ryan’s new favourite pastimes. Ryan usually visits the local ten pin bowling alley every Saturday, so basketball and the use of the sites garage gym has been a welcome sports replacement to keep up Ryan’s wellbeing.

“Of course, Ryan loves his crafts as well. We try to come up with interesting ideas together and we like to recycle materials where we can. Ryan made these great rocket ships using the cardboard cones from paper towels,” said Adriana.

Arts and crafts are great for Ryan because he gets a lot of happiness from starting and completing tasks. He takes a lot of pride in his artwork and his favourite medium to work with is paint.

Ryan will be turning 40 in December and is looking forward to seeing Victoria come out of lockdown in time for him to celebrate with his family and friends. In the meantime, he is using this downtime to start working on DIY party decorations and getting in the festive spirit.

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