With Victoria experiencing some of the most challenging COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 and 2021, it is heart-warming to see the innovative ways our Afford residents are keeping their spirits up.

For Tracey from Skeffington Supported Accommodation, keeping her hands busy by knitting has also kept her mind sharp and helped her bond with her housemates.

At Afford’s Supported Accommodation, you will always have the opportunity to follow your passions, build meaningful relationships and develop life skills for independence.

“Knitting allows Tracey to refocus her attention and reawaken emotions of happiness, pride and excitement. She started knitting in the isolation period but has kept it up. She sits close to the heartbeat of her home so her dear friends can surround her,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Kim Glasby.

Tracey first learnt to knit after being taught by her mother and she loves to share her skills with her housemates and staff. Residents Thespina and Kylie are both experienced knitters who often join Tracey. When staff joined in, a knitting circle is formed.

“When Tracey knits, her stresses are eliminated. It has a grounding effect on her and brings moments of presence and peace. In addition, it has brought stability to Tracey’s wellbeing by releasing serotonin and improving her skills, mood and sleep,” shared Kim.

After finding success with creating knitted squares and then turning them into blankets, Tracey has now moved on to combining the blankets to create cushions. The vibrant colours that Tracey works with mirror her positivity and represent her bubbly personality.

“Creating the cushions gives Tracey a sense of accomplishment and fosters her confidence and self-esteem. It is lovely to see Tracey display the cushions in her room with great pride,” said Kim.

Tracey’s current project is knitting a scarf for someone special in her life and we can’t wait to see the final product.

With the right support by your side and the company of friends for life, there is no end to what you can achieve at Afford’s Supported Accommodation.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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