Caring for a pet of any shape or size provides us with a sense of purpose, companionship and responsibility. Jean and Stephen from True Blue Supported Accommodation have recently become fur-parents to a pet guinea pig and have loved the experience.

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“Jean is turning 50 in February, so we decided to get her a pet because she had taken such a liking to her neighbour Kenny’s guinea pig, Maxine. Both Jean and Stephen had been helping clean Maxine’s cage and taking her for walks in the backyard, so they felt ready to own a pet,” said Acting Team Leader, Kylie Sorby.

The pair went to their local pet store together and Jean was over the moon to choose her guinea pig. She decided to name her Papua New Guinea or Guinea for short.

“Jean is a real little mother to Guinea. She cradles her like a baby and is more than happy to clean the cage, feed and tend to her every day. Both she and Stephen spend a lot of quality time with Guinea,” continued Kylie.

Interacting with animals has also been proven to have fantastic health benefits, particularly for people with disability. Pets can reduce stress, improve social skills, elevate moods and provide comfort.

“It has taught Jean a lot about nurturing. She understands that Guinea is her dependent and requires care. It makes her day to come home from work to her new little pet,” said Kylie.

As an animal lover, Jean is also looking forward to visiting Sydney Zoo for her birthday. We predict that she will love seeing the adorable capybaras which are closely related to guinea pigs.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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