Our Wellington Point Lifestyle Centre customers walked amongst the dinosaurs, held Thor’s hammer and escaped the sinking Titanic on a trip to ArtVo. The creative trick art gallery enabled our customers to live their wildest fantasies and capture the magic in photos.

Afford Lifestyle Centres provide you with new life experiences, encourage you to develop independent living skills and create friends for life.

“Seeing everyone’s reactions to how real the paintings looked was amazing. The customers loved it and they would have stayed for hours if they could,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Janice Lealamanua.

Team Leader, Amanda Colles organised the day to promote team bonding and encourage our customers to access the community.

“Daniel found the day so fun. He couldn’t stop laughing when he took the photo where he was kissing the monkey. Seeing our customers enjoy themselves is what makes my day,” continued Janice.

With over 80 different murals to pose with, some exciting scenes included the life-size dartboard, the fangs of King Kong and posing with Marilyn Monroe.

Adventures like this remind our customers that there is no limit to what they can achieve and experience.

“Will enjoyed taking the photo on the surfboard. Even being in a wheelchair, he was able to enjoy all of the experiences and take some great photos,” said Janice.

On the trip back to the lifestyle centre, the customers couldn’t stop smiling while looking at their pictures and expressing how much fun they had.

Find out more about how Afford Lifestyle Centres can help you make memories to last a lifetime.

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