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Sewing is a skill that takes practice and precision. But for our ladies at Bluebird group home, their sewing is stitching the way to greatness!

Grant Funding Supports Skills Development

Thanks to generous funding provided by The RA Gale Foundation, the ladies of Afford’s Bluebird group home can now learn and develop their sewing skills. By working on these skills, the ladies will build their confidence, gain further independence and possibly turn their skills into a passion.

Grants allow Afford to extend service offerings within all services across Australia. As a not-for-profit, grant funding is instrumental in delivering exceptional services and facilities for people living with disability in the Afford community.

Explore Your Interests and Achieve Your Goals

Bluebird residents, Susie, and Sandra, have their sights set high. Their goal is to be able to learn sewing techniques in order to sew curtains for their house. In addition, they would like to sew a new table cloth to adorn their kitchen space.

Grant funding from The RA Gale Foundation means that a dedicated sewing program can now be formed. Lifestyle Assistant, Kylie, has already started to get the wheels in motion to kick off the new sewing program.

Many of the ladies joining the program have never even used a needle and thread before. It’s a new experience for them and a skill that they will be able to apply in everyday life.

Get Support To Start Your Journey

First up, the ladies, along with Kylie, took the Afford van out to Spotlight to buy all the necessary equipment. They picked out the fabric they would like for their curtains and table cloth. They also browsed a number of different sewing machines, before settling on the one that was right for their needs.

Once back at their home, Sandra quickly got to work to set up her new sewing basket. She placed all the pins, threads, scissors and equipment in the right spots, ready for the sewing program.

Susie has had an interest in sewing for some time. Kylie has supported Susie to develop her skills over time. She can now make her own alterations to her clothes. She can cut, hem, pin and then sew her pants and jacket with assistance.

Susie will be a great asset to help guide the other ladies in the sewing program. Susie is a great role model for the other ladies in the group. She has newfound confidence with sewing and will assist the others to progress through the sewing program.

Learn Skills For Life

Sewing is a great life skill to have. For some, it may even turn into a hobby. They may choose to move into quilting or sewing garments or bags. Sewing could become a passion that brings happiness and purpose.

Residents are supported to achieve their goals as part of The Afford Lifestyle. Residents can explore their interests and gain the confidence to do things that make them happy.

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