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Brianna is a young, vivacious woman. She has always loved to dance and regularly showcases her latest choreographed moves to her housemates and the Lifestyle Assistants at her Afford Group Home in Victoria.

Then, one day Brianna walked into the garage of her home to find a very welcome surprise.

Her love of dance had not gone unnoticed. Lifestyle assistants at Brianna’s home spent many months planning for a very different home inclusion. They took extraordinary steps to turn the home garage into Afford’s first interactive and entertaining in-home dance studio!

Complete with a mirrored wall, a dance bar and equipment to suit a variety of dance genres, Brianna now has a room dedicated to her passion for dance. Ballet, pop, hip-hop – you name it! Brianna can try all these and more.

“I love the dance studio! It’s really made my day,” said Brianna.

Lifestyle assistant, Zainab, along with Brianna’s housemate, Laura, join Brianna in the studio for hours of artistic and creative dance moves.

Every resident who moves into an Afford home benefits from the Afford Lifestyle. That’s where staff go above and beyond to support residents to lead the life they have always wanted. Residents are supported to get involved in activities that they love and, just like at Brianna’s home, if there isn’t activity already on offer, then Afford staff will create it!

Live life on your terms with friends and support in an Afford Group Home.