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An active body can lead to a positive mindset. Brys from Afford’s Neptune Group Home and Daryl from the Dolphin Cove Group Home set their sights on increasing their fitness to improve their overall wellbeing.

Both men feel that getting healthy will increase their self-confidence in getting involved in a range of activities with friends. They both enjoy going out to the park to kick the footy around. Daryl also hopes to travel when restrictions ease and wants to get fit for his getaway.

To achieve these goals, lifestyle assistants at their homes support them from start to finish. They have the encouragement they need to live the life they want.

Brys is one of the younger residents of Neptune. His target is to lose weight and lead a more active lifestyle. With lifestyle assistant, Pauline, Brys goes on daily walks for exercise.

Together they stretch before they start their walk and then set off to explore the local parks around Brys’ home. They stop along the way to take in their surrounds. They also take the opportunity to use some of the park equipment for exercise.

At home, Pauline encourages Brys to opt for healthy snacks and meal options. Now, he always includes greens with his meals and is enjoying trying new foods.

With support from Pauline, Brys lost four kilograms in just three weeks! He can already feel the difference that losing the weight has made to his daily routine. He finds it easier to move around and he has more energy.

For Daryl, exercise helps his muscles and flexibility. He has a series of exercises to follow provided from an exercise physiologist. Afford lifestyle assistants at his home support Daryl to work through three sets of the exercise routine.

The exercises involve walking, using a chair to sit and stand, marching with high swinging arms as well as squats and side steps. Regular repetition of these exercises is essential for Daryl’s development. Afford staff provide positive reinforcement to make sure Daryl knows that he is supported every step of the way.

Exercise: Stretching and balancing exercises you can do at home.

Daryl is continually improving his flexibility. He is also losing weight, which is another goal he has achieved.

Afford creates positive environments to support individuals to reach their full potential. Support is available 24/7 at Afford homes across Australia to help residents to live life on their terms.

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