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Being active in their local community is something that the ladies of Afford’s Butterflies home love to do. Lynette, Scharni, Rachel, and Mia have forged a strong friendship and share many similar interests. Gardening is a particular passion for all the ladies.

Meet Up with Friends

So when an outing to The Secret Garden in Richmond was mentioned, everyone was excited to get in the van and head out to take in the scenery. At the garden, they met up with their friend, Margaret, who is a resident at the Neptune home in Bligh Park.

The Secret Garden and Nursery is a not-for-profit community garden and nursery at the Western Sydney University campus in Richmond, NSW. The garden features many beautiful plants and flowers and even has a few farmyard animals on site.

Together the ladies walked through the rows of flowers and enjoyed the sunshine – even though the day was a little windy.

Take In The Sensory Experience

The garden incorporates many sensory elements which were of interest to all the ladies. There were many different flowers with different scents to smell. The textured walkways made interesting sounds when the ladies walked or wheeled through in their wheelchairs.

It was a lovely day out that inspired many great gardening ideas for the ladies to use back in their own home.

For Lynette, Scharni, Rachel, and Mia, a day out to the secret garden was a wonderful experience. They could see, touch and smell the various plant and flower varieties. They could also learn about plant maintenance and care.

Strengthen Friendships

But most of all, they were able to spend time together as friends. Their friendship has blossomed over the years and continues to strengthen every day.

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