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The Afford Lifestyle is all about having a place to call ‘home’. A place where you can take part in activities you enjoy with the assurance that you have support if and when you need it.

Residents of the Butterflies home at Penrith share the same interests, enjoy activities together and have truly made their house their home by giving it loving little touches and incorporating things that mean the most to them.

With the sun shining and the rainy weather passing, Scharni, Rachel and Lynette decided it was time to visit the nursery to beautiful their raised garden bed with some colourful flowers.

Along with their Lifestyle Assistant, the ladies travelled to the local Flower Power to browse the many flowers and plants available, to choose the ones they felt would suit their home the best.

They chose an assortment of marigolds and petunias and using their budgeting and money skills, they paid for their flowers and returned to their home to carefully plant them in their new garden bed home straight away.

The new seedlings instantly added colour and brightness to the garden bed and the whole backyard.

“We can watch our plants grow into beautiful flowers.”

The Butterflies will now nurture the plants to ensure they have enough water, especially during the hotter summer months.

The Butterflies ladies have become good friends and enjoy many activities together. Their love of gardening, cooking, singing and dancing encompasses all that is the Afford Lifestyle.

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