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It is official – Sean, Stephanie, Lachlan and Jordan have successfully achieved one full year of living independently with support in their Caboolture home!

It’s an exciting time for the four friends. They have come a long way in the year that they have lived together and really gelled as housemates.

Make Friends for Life

They have learned to be responsible for the care and cleanliness of their home. They have become comfortable and feel safe to share their interests with their friends. Most importantly, Sean, Stephanie, Lachlan and Jordan have developed a strong bond that means that they’re more like family.

It’s Your Home

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, the housemates organised and attended an afternoon tea out, while staff were back at their home setting up a BBQ dinner, inviting clients from a nearby group home.  The staff decorated the home with balloons and finished with a surprise ice-cream cake to help them celebrate the one year milestone.

Just like many of their get togethers, there were lots of laughing. They talked about all the good times they have had together and some of their dreams for the future.

Before their time with Afford, Lachlan and his mum thought they would never find a place that was suitable, or that would make Lachlan happy. A year after living independently with support when he needs it in an Afford home, Lachlan is settled. He is supported to go out and regularly enjoy his interest in trains through train club. He now also has good friends that will always support him in his choices and will be there to celebrate the good times.

Live Life Your Way

This time last year, Stephanie was in search of a place she could live life her way. One year on, she has achieved many of her goals. One of her goals was to focus on her health and reduce her weight just in time to be a bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding.

For Jordan, developing her independent living skills has been part of her journey. She has learned many everyday skills, including cooking delicious meals for her housemates in the kitchen! Making new friends was another goal for Jordan. Moving into her new home in Caboolture; Jordan has friends in bucketloads!

Sean is the house’s resident sports fan. He loves being part of the cricket team every Tuesday night and he easily makes new friends through the cricket program. But it wasn’t always that way. Now that he has a place to call his own, Sean has the confidence to push his comfort zone and get involved in new things. Living at Afford’s Caboolture home has given him confidence in himself and in his abilities.

Sean, Stephanie, Lachlan and Jordan’s home was one of the first to open in Queensland. Before and during their move into the Afford home, each of the residents was supported by Afford staff to make sure their journey was smooth and successful.

Today, Team Leader, Jillian, and Lifestyle Assistants provide support for Sean, Stephanie, Lachlan and Jordan if and when they need it. Residents are supported to get out and about in the community and get involved in activities and events that make them happy.

It’s Like Winning the Lotto

“Lachie is so much happier. He is supported in every way, shape and form. There’s nothing that Afford won’t do for us to help Lachie,” said Karen, Lachie’s mother.

“I’d say it’s a bit like the analogy of going up to the airport to catch an economy flight over to London, and to find out you’ve been bumped up to first class,” Karen added.

“In his Afford home, it’s like letting him go with family members and we know he is loved and cared for.”

“It’s like winning the lotto. We know Lachie is going to have a home forever and he is going to be happy and safe and he’s going to get to live the life he always wanted,” Karen added.

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