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Music for relaxation, fun and skills development can now be explored further at Canley Vale Day Program in Sydney’s South West, thanks to Arts and Culture Grant 2019 funding from Fairfield City Council. 

Canley Vale clients love to try new activities. They are always keen to get involved in things that will help them develop their skills and perhaps even help them find new interests.

Enjoy New Experiences

Excitement filled the site when Team Leader, Stephanie, announced that she purchased new guitars and organised professional music lessons for everyone, thanks to grant funding.

Acoustic guitars were chosen for their unique sound and to ease clients into learning how to play. Clients take turns to place their fingers on the frets to create different sounds with the instrument.

With a piano and various percussion instruments already on-site, the guitars add an extra element to the music sessions each week.

Find Support to Develop Your Skills

Mitch is a music therapist who facilitates the program at Canley Vale. He supports clients to explore their instruments to get a range of tunes and encourages individuals of all abilities to have a go.

As the leader of the program, he is a constant source of encouragement for the group. With extensive musical experience himself, Mitch identifies when a client is challenging themselves to learn skills and provides individualised support to help them work towards their goal.

“Whether it is a cymbal, maraca, guitar or drum, everyone can get involved and have fun,” said Stephanie Calaizis, Team Leader at Canley Vale.

Music can be energising as well as relaxing. Different instruments make distinctive sounds and require diverse skills. With a range of musical choices, clients can explore ways to make a variety of sounds and beats.

Listen: Guitar instrumentals for complete relaxation.

Music helps break down barriers and open communication. It also supports clients to expand their friendship circles and be more self-confident.

Canley Vale staff are using the funds to integrate art sessions for clients on-site to support self-expression. Clients use foam, Playdough, texters, beads and more to create any piece of artwork they like.

A professional art facilitator guides clients through the creative process and everyone has the chance to let their imaginations soar thanks to the new art program.

Funding provided through Arts and Culture Grant 2019 funding from Fairfield City Council expands creative opportunities for every individual with disability who attends Canley Vale Day Program each day.

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