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Our motto is ‘We Care’ and our one-to-one support provides personalised care and attention for your needs or the needs of your loved one.

Support for Everyday Living

It could involve support to go the shops, maintain household duties, or even getting out and about in the community to explore more of the local facilities, parks and grounds.

Demsin, a client from Green Valley Day Program, with his Lifestyle Assistant Elizabeth, have enjoyed many outings to the river close to Demsin’s home and even to Central Gardens in Merrylands, NSW. During those outings, Elizabeth can dedicate her time to discussing the natural surrounds, noises, temperature and more with Demsin as they enjoy a leisurely outing.

Jihad is another Afford client from Green Valley Day Program who enjoys one-to-one support with Elena as his chosen Lifestyle Assistant. With Elena, Jihad has travelled on a train and ferry on an outing to Manly and has enjoyed the sundrenched strip along the water’s edge.

Live Life on Your Terms with Support

One-to-one support provides individuals with opportunities to live life on their terms with support.

Support Continues – Even When Your Usual Routine May Not

Sometimes your usual support routines are thrown out of whack due to an unexpected event. But that doesn’t mean that one-to-one supports have to stop.

If you or your family member needs to go to hospital for a period of time, one-to-one supports can still continue.

Lifestyle Assistants will be at the hospital with you or your loved one to make sure you still receive the stimulation and engagement of one-to-one supports.

Activities to Keep You Stimulated

With your Lifestyle Assistant you can take part in activities, such as playing board games, or doing numeracy and literacy activities. Or if you were taking part in a living skills program, our Lifestyle Assistants can look up recipes while you’re in hospital and put plans in place to make healthy meals to cook when you get out of hospital.

If the time in hospital is due to a sustained injury, Afford can help you and your family through the process of updating your NDIS plan by submitting a ‘Change of Circumstances Report’ to the NDIA. Updating your circumstances to reflect new needs at home will ensure you return home to find the additional supports, such as a hoist, wheelchair, etc, so that you can be comfortable.

Contact Afford whenever you need assistance. We can help and we care.