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When we talk about our whole-of-life supports for people living with disability, that includes support for carers. In partnership with Carers NSW and Together Carers, Afford coordinates Carer’s Events to ensure carers are well informed, well rested and have the opportunity to connect with other carers and the Afford staff who care for their loved one each and every day.

Our Guildford Day Program staff recently hosted a Carer’s Lunch Event at the site to give carers the opportunity to learn more about their loved ones’ progress and connect with Afford staff face to face, as well as socialise with other families and carers.

Connect with Other Carers and Socialise

The Guildford Carers get togethers are always happy events. Parents and carers come along and join their loved one for lunch. it’s lovely having everyone together to spend quality time talking and sharing stories and memories.

One client, Theresa loves it when her mother attends the carer lunches, because her mother always bring fresh Lebanese coffee, which is a favourite for Theresa.

Enjoy Talking to Others in a Relaxed Setting

With an array of food and the supportive environment of families and individuals who share similar life experiences, the Guildford Carer Event was filled with laughter and an appreciation from parents and carers about the opportunity to connect.

Afford’s Whole-Of-Life Approach to Disability Supports

Connecting with others that are also caring for a loved one with disability is a great stress reliever. It gives you the chance, as a carer, to build your support networks, make new friends and give yourself some ‘me time’. We know, as a carer, you often put yourself and your needs last. These Carer Events are important in giving you time to concentrate on your own well being to make sure your the best you can be to support your loved one.