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Living in an Afford home means you can choose how you live your life. You are supported to be independent, make your own decisions and get involved in activities that you love. When you’re busy living life, it’s also good to take some time to connect with family and friends.

Afford Will Support You Stay Connected

Afford Lifestyle Assistants support residents in 28 Afford homes across Australia. In every home, residents are encouraged to stay in touch with their loved ones. Not only can residents showcase how much they have grown in confidence and independence, but they can also share their stories.

Residents from our Sunshine, Panther and Bluebird homes in Sydney recently played host for family and friends as part of a Carers and Family Day at their home. Get-togethers such as these are made possible by the generous funding from Carers NSW.

Residents Showcase their Independence

As true hosts, residents planned the event down to the last detail. Shopping lists were made and everyone piled into their Afford van for a trip to the supermarket. Fresh vegetables were on the shopping list to make a delicious salad. Crackers, drips, carrots, and celery were also purchased to make a very impressive and decorative snack platter.

On the day of the event, residents fired up the BBQ in the backyard and cooked the meat skewers and prepared bread rolls and other foods; ready for their family and friends to arrive.

As guests came into the Sunshine home, they were overwhelmed with the effort that had gone into preparing the food and home for the Carer and Family Day event.

The table was set, food was ready and the residents were smiling from ear to ear. Everyone was so happy and proud to host the event in their home.

Share Your Success with Family and Friends

During the event, residents shared stories about some of their recent outings and adventures. They also showcased some of their latest art creations.

As diligent hosts, residents made sure that their guests were comfortable, had plenty to eat and of course, had a good time.

Carers NSW Makes Family Events Possible

Thanks to funding from Carers NSW, residents have the chance to regularly connect with family and friends for gatherings at their home. Continuing and strengthening family relationships is important to the overall well being of residents. It supports their growth as individuals and builds confidence and pride in their abilities.

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