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Knowing the individual needs of our clients is something that Afford makes a priority. We make every effort to ensure that each of our clients, residents and employees is given choice and opportunity to live the life they want under the NDIS.

Caring for Your Well Being

For Carmen, a resident at our Dolphin Cove home in Penrith, taking some time out for herself is important to her overall well being.

Carmen works at Afford’s Minchinbury Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) and also regularly visits her friends and family. But sometimes, Carmen just wants some time to chill out for herself.

So, Carmen’s support staff, Lisa, organised a regular Girl’s Day Out so that she can get pampered, shop, or do whatever makes her happy.

Supporting Residents to Live the Life They Want

The duo visited Nepean Village to browse the shops for items for Carmen’s home. Carmen enjoys including items in her home that are practical, have a special meaning or bring her happiness. During their outing, Carmen picked up some placemats, a new dinner plate and scatter cushions for her home. She also bought a new pair of winter PJs and a new pair of novelty slippers, which she instantly fell in love with as soon as she spotted them.

After lots of shopping, Carmen and Lisa stopped at Gloria Jeans, where Carmen enjoyed her first ever iced chocolate! She loved it!

After lunch, they headed back to Carmen’s Dolphin Cove home and Lisa coloured, blow-dried and straightened Carmen’s hair, as well as painted her nails.

On another outing, Carmen and Lisa made the most of the beautiful day and walked to nearby Penrith Plaza.

The Afford Lifestyle

As with all Afford homes, residents will always find parks, shops and community facilities nearby so they can explore their local community with ease.

During their trip to Penrith Plaza, Carmen and Lisa enjoyed window shopping and having a delicious sweet and sour pork and fried rice lunch.

Learn More About Yourself with Support

Back at home, Carmen was again treated to Lisa’s amazing hairstyling skills and Carmen was keen to try a hairstyle that was different from her everyday look.

“Thank you for a fantastic day Lisa, I really enjoyed our girl time together.” – Carmen.

These outings are opportunities for Carmen to explore more of the world around her, but also to discover more about herself. These girl’s days out give Carmen the confidence to try new things, challenge herself and express herself creatively.

In an Afford home, our staff provide every individual with positive encouragement to achieve their goals. It’s part of the unique Afford Lifestyle that ensures every residents can live the life they want.

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