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Carole’s love of craft and her keen eye for detail has matured and flourished over the years. She lives with her husband in Upper Coomera, where she spends her time perfecting her craft of porcelain doll making.

Carole retired from work life in 1992 due to a car accident but has always liked staying busy. She joined Afford’s Southport Day Program 18 months ago for help to join local community groups. She wanted to meet people around her age and who share her knack for crafts.

Carole met Afford Lifestyle Assistant, Kerrie, who took the time to get to know more about her doll making, her personality and what she wants out of life.

The Brisbane Doll Society is a community of doll lovers and collectors. The society stages monthly meetings in Loganlea and Clayfield in Queensland, not too far from Carole’s home.

Kerrie suggested that Carole connect with the society to share her enthusiasm and expertise in doll making with others.

Covid restrictions meant that monthly meetings for the society had to move online.

Carole was a little apprehensive at the start; not too confident with using technology, particularly video conferencing.

With support from Kerrie, Carole set up a Zoom account and downloaded the app onto her computer. Kerrie was beside Carole for her first Brisbane Doll Society Zoom meeting to provide support if or when Carole needed it.

Surprisingly, once Carole connected with others and began talking about dressing, painting and perfecting her doll creations, any uncertainties soon drifted away.

Carole’s confidence has flourished since engaging with her new friends online. She has seamlessly adapted to the virtual meetings.

Ready with a cup of tea and her computer in front of her, Carole eagerly logs onto the video chats. She shares her opinions and enjoys chatting with others who share her passion for dolls.

Exploring more of her interests, Carole has also taken up another hobby – card making! She and Kerrie go to the shops to buy her supplies. There is never anything but admiration coming from her friends at Southport Day Program when they see her card creations.

“Carole is a very talented lady. After connecting with The Brisbane Doll Society, her confidence has grown and she is more comfortable in social situations. Carole is loving life,” said Kerrie, Afford Southport Day Program.

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