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Your achievements, milestones and unique abilities call for celebration! In Afford Group Homes across Australia, residents can do the things they love and share their enjoyment with friends.

Lifestyle assistants support social interactions and respect every individual’s choices, so they feel valued and respected.

Michael is a resident of the True Blue Group Home in Penrith. He wanted to have a party to celebrate his 54th birthday. Staff at his home, along with his housemates, organised loads of balloons, party decorations and a delicious chocolate birthday cake for the occasion.

He received thoughtful gifts from his friends, with a new pair of shoes and a watch among his many favourite presents.

On his birthday, Michael was the man of the moment. He laughed with his mates and talked about all the good times they have had together. Michael enjoyed a piece of cake – or two! He loved sharing his birthday with the special people in his life.

As part of the Afford Lifestyle, team leaders and lifestyle assistants at Afford homes go above and beyond to create positive and supportive environments for our residents.

Find out more about how the Afford Lifestyle can support you to live a life with friendship, fun and great memories.