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Everyone loves Christmas! So let’s don our Santa hats and roast the Christmas ham to start our celebrations a little early this year!

Christmas in July

That’s exactly what our staff and clients from Cherrywood, Windsor, Rouse Hill and Jamisontown Day Programs did. They hosted their very own Christmas in July celebrations at Cherrywood Hub in Llandilo.

Surrounded by the beautifully transformed Cherrywood Hub, the mood was set for an amazing event. Gardens, murals and more were lovely backdrops for a festive get-together.

The Afford community often comes together to recognise the many special celebrations and traditions of the cultures that form our community. Christmas is one of our favourites!

Over 40 clients and staff attended the Christmas in July celebrations. Everyone had fun coming together to share a lovely meal, a few laughs and great memories.

Enjoy Life with Afford!

There were plenty of games to play, as well as arts and crafts to get creative. But the highlight of the day was the food! Everyone’s mouths were watering during the delicious Christmas spread. There were various sweets, such as cakes and cupcakes. There were also tasty savoury dishes, such as lasagne, chicken and salads.

Afford Welcomes You Like Family

At Afford, we’re a family. A family that comes together to share special occasions and support each other along the way.

We Celebrate Our Rich and Diverse Community

Our community is rich with culture and diversity, we welcome people of all abilities and backgrounds. We always work towards encouraging inclusive communities and giving everyone the chance to have their voice heard.

The coming together of four Day Programs for this Christmas in July celebrations presents opportunities for individuals to extend their friendships and enjoy a fun day out.

Christmas creates many special memories for lots of people. It’s a time for family – and that’s exactly what being part of the Afford community is all about.

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