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At Afford, it’s our flexibility that makes every day at our Day Programs exciting and fun. Our staff understand that sometimes, stopping to enjoy a moment can offer many new experiences to benefit our clients.

Getting Out Into the Community

Staff at Jamisontown Day Program regularly attend a sailing program for people with disabilities and then follow that with lunch at a nearby park such as Tench Reserve in Jamisontown.

At the reserve, Team Jamo can spread out and enjoy lunch in the outdoors. They get to stroll along the walkways, go down to the Nepean River to feed the ducks and get a bit of exercise in with a play at the playground.

Flexibility To Support Our Clients

On one of their outings to Tench Reserve, our staff, Shanice and Jodie,  noticed some farm animals walking along the fence line in a nearby field.

They asked whether the team, Tane, Gemma, Roscel and Greg, wanted to go and check it out. The overwhelming answer was ‘yes!’

New Experiences Offers Sensory Benefits

It turned out to be a lovely afternoon that delivered so many benefits for clients. The sensory experience of being able to touch the coat of the horses, smell the grass, and hear the noises of the different animals was soothing and fun for everyone.

Socialise with Others

Animals are known to reduce stress levels and encourage more social interaction. It was lovely to see Tane, Gemma, Roscel and Greg chatting away about feeding the horses carrots or how touching the animals made them feel.

These activities engaged the minds and bodies of clients and presented new experiences to help understand more about the world around us.

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