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Club Afford is a member based program that encourages participants to attend a variety of exciting and engaging events, activities and attractions. Club Afford promotes leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle and provides opportunities for participants to strengthen and extend their social networks.

Outings And Attractions

Club Afford participants from Oran Park Day Program recently enjoyed a sunny day out at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

Sensory Experiences

Along with the beautiful view of Sydney Harbour, the day presented many opportunities to learn about the various animals as they toured enclosures and even sensory experiences through sight, touch and smell of animals.

Life Skills

Participants enjoyed lunch together and put their money and budgeting skills to the test when ordering lunch and making purchases at the Zoo’s souvenir store.

Fun And Exercise

With animal enclosures being spread across the Zoo’s vast grounds, there was lots of walking to do, but, with maps in hand, everyone enjoyed having some extra exercise and took stops when needed.

“We loved the animals.” – Daniella Gelo