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Club Afford is a member based program that coordinates events, activities and outings for participants to enjoy socialising with others, keeping active and staying fit, learning new skills, and immersing in local community events.

Getting Out and About in the Community

Our Canley Vale Club Afford team have been very active, recently attending the Luddenham Country Show and the Maritime Museum.

At the Luddenham Country Show the group were greeted by members of the Fire Brigade, with their stall right at the entrance to the show. Meeting our dedicated firies is always a thrilling experience and getting some free goodie bags was a special bonus.

The show was rich with country flavour with horse and cattle show competitions and a range of show performances that were exciting and fun.

A unique little adventure was walking around the display house, where they could see different types of country gadgets and art crafts that were used in the olden days.

To top it all off, there were rides and stalls displaying some marvellous products and crafts. After the show, the group drove to Mt Pritchard Hotel Pub where they bought lunch and sat together, chatting over their favourite parts of the Luddenham Country Show.

Afford’s person-centred approach means that we also run Club Afford activities and outings outside of traditional service hours, such as on weekends.

Weekend Club Afford Activities

To determine interest in weekend Club Afford activities, Day Program staff personally contact all families to find out events and activities clients would be interested in attending on the weekend.

From there, dates are set, and participants meet at the Day Program to head off on their adventure!

Our Canley Vale Club Afford group is very well attended so two buses are usually arranged to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe for the journey to the activity.

For their most recent weekend activity, the Canley Vale Club Afford participants ventured into the city to visit the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour.

Everyone was excited to go and visit the Museum. The group walked inside and looked around at all the displays of different water creatures, including fish, sharks, turtles and more!

Not only were there displays of marine life, the visit also took participants past displays of war planes, helicopters, ships and steam machines.

The visit to the Maritime Museum was an insightful experience for all participants and gave them a greater appreciation of life under the sea and historic events.

Participate in New Activities

Club Afford is all about having fun with friends and learning and experiencing new things along the way. Our Club Afford groups are supportive and welcoming and help participants expand their life experiences.

Contact Afford to find out more about Club Afford and upcoming events.