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Animals, show bags and rich country flavours! That’s what our residents from our Butterflies, Bluebird and True Blue homes had the chance to experience on their recent day out to the Hawkesbury Show in Clarendon NSW.


This event is one of the most popular outings for our residents. They love seeing the different animals, exhilarating rides and the many displays and performances throughout the show.


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Sensory Experiences at the Petting Zoo

At the Hawkesbury Show, the ladies of the Butterflies home were most keen to see the animals at the petting zoo to feel their different coats. They also enjoyed browsing the arts and crafts and gardening exhibits – and getting some tips and hints for their own gardens!

For the ladies it was a leisurely day; having morning tea in the sun and taking in all the atmosphere and people of the show.

Enjoying the Chance to Have a Go

For our Bluebird residents, the chicken and other animal exhibits were the favourites, along with having a go at the various ‘sideshow alley’ games of chance and luck! The Bluebird ladies also loved seeing the enormous pumpkins at the show – which would make a lot of pumpkin soup!

Test Your Limits with New Experiences

Our True Blue residents also enjoyed a day out at the show, with the thrill seekers having a ride in the dodgem cars. The cactus plants were also an interesting display, but wandering around and taking in all the excitement of the event was all they needed to have fun.

At Afford, our staff organise activities and programs based on the interests and personal aspirations of clients and residents.

The Hawkesbury Show is just one of the many events that our residents enjoy attending, and along with the many sensory and life education aspects of the show, it is an enriching and social experience for residents that they will remember for many years to come.

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