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Being confident in your ability to get around independently is such an important skill for everyday life. Our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) trainees recently learned about this essential skill during a travel training session.

Opportunities to Learn

Trainers of Afford’s SLES program are there to arm trainees with the knowledge they need to confidently achieve their work goals. Travelling around the local community, to the city or further afield, can help to open up more opportunities for work and lifestyle.

Develop Your Skills

SLES Ingleburn trainees, Nick, Stella, and Clayton, are enthusiastic about developing their skills to be more independent. Along with their trainer, Livenya, the trainees, planned their trip to the Prestons SLES Site.

This involved looking up the train and bus timetable and working out the best times to travel, depending on the time they intended to reach their destination.

During their trip by train and bus from Ingleburn station to Liverpool station, the trainees put all that they have learned into action. They followed directions and used their Opal cards with confidence. They were all very diligent about making sure they got on and off at the correct stops too.

Be Confident in Your Abilities

Whether they are travelling to their SLES site, catching public transport to go to an interview or to work, getting to know the different cues and processes of Sydney’s public transport system will increase trainees’ confidence and independence.

SLES Supports You to Reach Your Goals

Our SLES trainers are always on hand to support and encourage trainees to achieve their goals. The SLES program ensures that young job-seekers can transition into the workforce with confidence in their abilities.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program to enhance your skills in preparation for the workforce.