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Matthew is a positive and determined resident of our Empire Group Home. Along with the goals of developing his health and fitness, Matthew has also set his sights on developing his writing skills.

Develop Your Communication Skills

Communication in all its forms, plays an important part of being independent. For Matthew, practising his writing skills will give him greater confidence in his own abilities and allow him to explore more opportunities that matter to him.

Our Staff Support Your Development

With staff support, Matthew has been practising  his writing skills at his home. He has learnt to write the names of Afford staff as well as his housemates.

Matthew has also pushed himself to writing more complex things such as shopping lists for himself and also the grocery items that are needed for the whole household.

With more practice and the opportunity to explore different words and phrases, Matthew will be able to develop his love of writing and put his new skill into practice whenever he wants.

Get The Most Out of Life with Afford

The Afford Lifestyle supports residents to get the most out of life. We share their interests and are their partner on their journey to independence.

We are proud to be able to offer person-centred supports for every resident living in an Afford home, so they can live the life they want under the NDIS.

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