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Afford Campbelltown Lifestyle Centre have established a new and interesting cooking program called Grills’N’Chills, which runs every fortnight at the Campbelltown Lifestyle Centre from 3pm. “It’s a great opportunity for clients in the South-Western region to enhance their independence, improve cooking skill and learn more about healthy eating”, says Team Leader of the Campbelltown Day Program, Natalie Miller.

Program coordinators in the South-Western region were looking to create an initiative that would help clients learn new cooking skills whilst also allowing a chance to socialise and have fun. As part of the program, clients are picked up via an Afford branded van and then driven to a grocery shop. Clients are given a list of ingredients which they purchase together with guidance from the Support Workers which makes for a very fun and educational experience.
After shopping, clients then return to the centre and start to gather the utensils and dishes that they need to begin preparing their meals.

For their most recent lesson, a delicious lasagne meal was on the menu. The clients enjoyed the cooking process, especially being able to layer the lasagne to their personal taste. Once all the lasagne was prepared in the individual baking dishes, some of the clients det the table, placing the tablecloth, dinner plates, cutlery and cups on the table. Other clients cleaned up the dirty dishes from the cooking.

It was wonderful to see how well they worked together as a team, helping each other and looking for ways they could each contribute.

When the lasagne was ready, all clients grabbed a drink and ate their food together, chatting about what they had done and how great the food tasted.

Everyone who attended the class have said that they have benefitted a lot, especially from the cooking ideas, culinary knowledge and hands-on-experience.