Timber Manufacturing

Since 2003, Afford has been proud to operate a pallet manufacturing facility at Minto. 

Our pallet manufacturing facility in Minto has been operating since 2003 and produces a wide range of pallets, such as standards (1165 x 1165), exports, skids, winged pallets and custom made pallets, in either hardwood, softwood or a mix of both.

We also offer crates and cases built to customer specifications. Second hand pallets are also available and we also offer cheap non-returnable, euro pallets and others. AFFORD operates a Viking Turbo 505 pallet machine which is a state-of-the-art pallet making machine and can produce up to 1200 pallets per shift.

We have two heat treatment booths for Export pallets. With this facility we heat treat pallets, crates and cases. All products are stamped and issued with a certificate which complies with ISMP 15 standard ready for export.

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