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Sixteen-year-old Courtney is a young woman on a mission to succeed. She is determined to achieve her goal of studying childcare education at TAFE. To begin her journey, Courtney and her mum turned to Afford.

For this enthusiastic and driven teenager, reading and understanding written words can be difficult. Breaking down words into syllables and decoding the sounds of letters can cause daily frustration.

Connect with The Right Supports

Afford’s Allied Health team connected Courtney with a Queensland speech pathologist.

Over the months, speech pathology has supported Courtney to develop her literacy skills. She now has the confidence to write letters to her mum and read her drivers learners manual with some support.

Working towards her goal of completing her childcare studies, Courtney uses speech pathology for support in spelling, reading and comprehension.

A trial of assistive technology, known as the Orcam, was organised to help Courtney understand printed and online texts.

Orcam is a micro-computer that reads text aloud. Courtney can attach the Orcam to the side of her glasses. To use the device, Courtney looks at the page and runs her finger under words she wants to read. Orcam recognises her fingernail, takes a photo of the text above and reads it aloud.

Supports to Suit Your Needs

Assistive technology helps individuals to achieve their goals for work, home and life.

Allied health professionals explore options for speech recognition software, text-to-speech software and variable speed tape recorders based on need. They can explore NDIS funding options for modified equipment, such as variable keyboards.

Find out more about Afford supports including our Allied Health services by calling 1300 233 673 or sending an email to info@afford.com.au.