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All aboard! Jamisontown Day Program clients enjoyed their very own luxurious cruise experience organised by the creative Team Jamo Afford staff!

Try New Experiences

The scene was set at Jamisontown Day Program with colourful deck chairs, an assortment of bright Hawaiian style flower leis and so many fun activities on offer. Clients were invited aboard Team Jamo’s cruise day experience to soak up the sun, relax by the pool, and enjoy some delicious summer food and refreshing beverages.

Jamisontown Day Program is lucky enough to have a large backyard with an undercover area to make the most of the outdoor space any time of the year.

On Cruise Day, the undercover area was decorated with balloons, beach towels, deck chairs, colourful fans, and Afford hats.

Like many cruise ships, our clients even had their very own pool to cool down in during the hot weather. A great addition to make the Jamo Cruise Day extra special! Everyone loved dipping their feet in or sitting down in the pool to refresh and unwind. Afford Lifestyle Assistants supported every client to enjoy the day. Individuals in wheelchairs were offered support to dip their feet in the pool and enjoy the summer vibes.

Develop Life Skills

Staff and clients worked together to create a delicious lunch. There were bread rolls of healthy coleslaw and pulled pork, hamburgers and more. Don’t forget the mocktails! Served in tall glasses with pieces of refreshing fruit, the Team Jamo mocktails were a favourite for the day!

When creating programs, Team Jamo staff consider all aspects of the activity to ensure it encourages personal development as well as fun. The Cruise Day experience incorporated a cooking session. It also educated clients about sun and water safety with a range of hats, towels and other accessories on hand to open discussions.

Make New Friends and Have Fun

Afford Day Programs are designed to be places where individuals can take part in new experiences and make new friends. Every Day Program offers a supportive environment where everyone is free to express their individuality and share their interests.

At Afford, our staff work hard to create programs that clients will enjoy. Along with fun, programs also develop life skills and help to create bonds and lifelong friends.

Find out more about how Afford Day Programs across Australia can support you, or your loved one, to get the most out of life, make new friends and have fun.