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At Afford, we’re always stoked to hear about our employees stepping up to further their skills. We love to support our employees to achieve their work goals for greater job satisfaction, but also to learn valuable skills that will not only help them during their time at Afford, but in life.

Learning New Skills

Enthusiastic Afford employees, Daniel and Anna, jumped at the opportunity to learn new skills and take on further responsibilities and decided to participate in training to gain their forklift licences.

Daniel is from our Prestons Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) and began with Afford as a casual. He then moved onto a junior supervisor role and has now worked his way up to being a supervisor at Prestons.

Anna had a taste of working with Afford towards the end of last year as a casual on customer project. She developed such a rapport with the Supported Employees that when an opportunity came up to apply for a Supervisor position at Ingleburn, she applied straight away. She went through the recruitment process and successfully secured her role at Ingleburn ADE.

Committed to Training

To attain their forklift licences, Daniel and Anna had to participate in around six weeks of on-site training with Brian Catt from Onsite Forklift Training & Licensing Pty Ltd.

During their on-site training with Brian, Daniel and Anna covered topics related to the theory of forklift handling such as electrical, Work Health and Safety (WHS), using common sense for forklift operations and going through calculation tests. Their practical training involved thinking about the various hazards and considering people of all abilities that move around and access the factory floor, forklift pre-start tests, performing lifts and the correct procedures, the correct procedure for shutting down the forklift and securing the site safely by avoiding exits and other access areas when parking the forklift.

After many weeks of training and getting the practical know-how about using the controls to manage the forklift to perform certain tasks, Daniel and Anna’s knowledge was tested in a final examination administered through a registered training organisation such as ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and WorkCover which operate through the VET system.

Taking on More Responsibility

Both employees can now get stock and packaging (jobs) from the elevated racking, load and unload trucks and help other employees get pallets ready for their jobs.

Daniel and Anna are true assets to Afford’s ADE operations at Prestons and Ingleburn. They have willingly enhanced their skills to take on more responsibility and contribute to the productivity and efficiency of the factory floor.

Daniel and Anna have shown that with determination and commitment we can achieve anything that we want. We look forward to supporting more employees, like Daniel and Anna, reach their full potential in their chosen career path.