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An aspiring actor, performer and all-round nice guy, Daniel has already begun his path to greatness. In life and the entertainment industry.

Day Programs Support Your Needs

Staff at Afford’s Windsor Day Program have supported Daniel to achieve his RSA licence. This means he can now work in the bar and kitchen at Courtney’s Brasserie in Parramatta. Of Afford staff Daniel says that “the staff encourage me to follow my dreams”.

We Can Support You Achieve Your Goals

So, of course, Afford staff are committed to going above and beyond to help Daniel work towards his main goal of being a famous actor. He loves to sing, dance and perform whenever he gets the chance.

Afford has supported Daniel to attend and perform at the Riverside Theatre in Sydney’s Parramatta. You may also recognise Daniel’s face from many of Afford’s materials for his Lion King performance in Afford’s Got Talent!

His skills in performance have even won him a trip to America to participate in an acting course. Go Daniel!

So it wasn’t a surprise when many of Afford’s staff recognised Daniel’s face in the recent Worker Orientation Module “Quality, Safety and You’ module. The video has been established by the NDIS  Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Afford Understands You are an Individual with Unique Needs

The module plays a very important role in outlining the obligations of workers, from the perspective of NDIS participants. The module uses videos to covers topics about the NDIS and assists NDIS workers to better support people with disability.

Daniel’s Afford support worker helped him to get to the filming. They also assisted Daniel in practicing his lines and getting organised for each shoot.

Daniel says that when he did the filming for the NDIS modules, the actors and production crew talked a lot beforehand to brainstorm ideas. Daniel mentions that all the actors had disabilities, so the crew wanted to get their input. They talked about specific topics and how to communicate these themes.

“I was mostly in the section about ‘Codes of Conduct’. Sometimes I was playing the part of a support worker at a job interview and other times I was playing myself, doing my dance or dressing up in a cape. I love dancing and dressing up as it makes me happy,” Daniel said.

Every Person Deserves to be Heard

Although not all scenes made it into the final module, Daniel says that it was important to convey the message that people should not be judged because they have a disability. Also, that people with disability should be given choice and space.

“I love meeting new people, and I met a great bunch of people while doing the filming. The cast was fun! The directors and the crew helped us a lot. They listened to me and were nice people. I really enjoyed it.”

“I learned a lot about filming and acting and to follow directions from the crew. Now I know that you should ‘never mess with the crew’,” Daniel added.

Daniel’s advice for other aspiring actors? “Don’t give up and never stop trying! Follow your dreams. That’s what I’m doing!”

Trusted Disability Service Provider

Afford is trusted by thousands of individuals and their carers every day to deliver exceptional supports. It is our commitment to service excellence that makes us a leader in disability services in Australia.

We Care!

Afford staff at the front line through to Head Office treat every individual within the Afford community with respect. We listen to the needs of our clients because we genuinely care.

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