Lunch at the park on a warm Spring day is what clients of Afford’s newly acquired Albion Park Day Program enjoyed on the first day that Afford took over management of the site.

Before this, 13 clients had been without services, without access to the community and without support. The events of this year have been challenging for some disability providers, causing the closure of some services.

Fortunately for clients at Albion Park, Goulburn and Camperdown, Afford has stepped in and confirmed continuity of disability services and supports for all clients and their families.

From day one, the staff at Afford’s Albion Park Day Program talked with participants about what they wanted to do and the programs they would like to see created.

Lunch at the park was the first and most popular choice, as well as trips to the shops and out along the coast.

“We have already had two client consultations to ask our clients what they are interested in doing and learning about,” said Peter Smith, Team Leader at Afford’s Albion Park Day Program.

“We’re planning a few trips out to local swimming areas and of course, doing some fishing along the coast. We’re also working on re-establishing community connections for our clients in and around the local area.”

With a whole of life approach to disability supports, Afford has already organised carers events for the families and carers of clients at Albion Park, Goulburn and Camperdown Day Programs.

With Afford services such as Supported Accommodation in Nowra and Worrigee and day programs in the Shoalhaven and Wollongong, the acquisition of the three new sites will give residents in and around the South Coast of NSW more choice in disability supports.

Find out more about Afford services in and around the South Coast of NSW and disability supports to help you live the life you choose under the NDIS.

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