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When you join an Afford home, it’s your home. A place that you can decorate to suit your interests. It’s your space, where you can spend time with friends.

Your Choices are Respected

For our Billabong residents, making their own Christmas decorations is important to them. They wanted to make their own decorations because it meant more that they create the pieces themselves, rather than simply buying them from the shops.

Your Interests and Supported

Along with their Lifestyle Assistant, Keala, Mark, Michael, and Brett, gathered all the materials they needed to create their decorations.

Spread across their table was coloured paper, pompom balls, paint, glitter, glue and more! They were very keen to get started. Once the paint and glue were in hand, there was no stopping them! They truly let their creativity shine with amazing Christmas crafts!

They created Santas using paper plates and cotton balls for beards. The friends then transformed plain foam cones into Christmas trees by painting and stacking them. They even cut and folded paper together to make paper chains for a sensational alternative to tinsel!

The mates put all their creations together to make the ‘Billabong’s Christmas Wall’. Their decorations lifted the Christmas spirit in their home and they were all so proud to have made their decorations with their own two hands.

Now, with these amazing decorations, the three housemates were confident that their home is ready to celebrate Christmas!

We Support You to Find Happiness

At Afford, we encourage residents to do the things that they love and that brings them happiness. For Mark, Michael and Brett, their Christmas craft bring great joy to their home and it was an activity that they could all get involved in together.

As part of The Afford Lifestyle, our Lifestyle Assistants go above and beyond to ensure that every resident is supported to live life on their terms. Homes are welcoming places where each housemate’s talents and unique personality is nurtured and celebrated.

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