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You’ll often find Dominic exploring his local community on long walks or listening to rap music while he heads out with friends on a Club Afford adventure.

Now, there’s another place you will see Dominic – on the front cover of Afford’s latest services brochure!

“This has been a real confidence builder for Dominic,” said Breanna, Team Leader at Afford’s Noble Park Day Program.

“Since joining Noble Park Day Program this year, he has become more self-assured in social situations and finds it easy to go up to talk to people and make friends.”

Dominic’s love of rap artists such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem and The Notorious B.I.G gives him loads to talk about with his friends. His passion for antique cars is also a topic that he is never shy to share.

Afford’s Marketing team talked to Dominic’s support team at Noble Park to get his approval to be on the front cover of the brochure. When he first held the printed brochure in his hand, his face lit up. He couldn’t wait to show it to his family.

“Only good things have happened to me since I’ve been at Afford. I have made so many new friends, and I have learned lots of new things, like photography,” said Dominic.

At 29 years old, Dominic has a bright future ahead of him. He is supported to fill his life with activities that he truly enjoys. He is making the most of every day.

Plus, he has also achieved something that many others only dream of – ‘celebrity status’ as the ‘face’ of Afford services!

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