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Ethan and Justin are great friends. They enjoy each other’s company, have the same interests and love going out on adventures. They both attend Afford’s Redlands Day Program and are keen to get out into the community whenever they have the chance.

Dreamworld on the Gold Coast is a favourite destination for the duo. So, they told their Afford Team who began organising a terrific day out for the two mates.

Do the Things You Love

You could see the excitement on their faces from the moment Ethan and Justin stepped into the Afford van to start their road trip to Dreamworld. They knew that they were in for a big day of great fun and great memories.

When they arrived at Dreamworld, they were welcomed with lots of activity, bright colours, exciting sounds and loads to see and do. Ethan and Justin were keen to take in everything on offer. They found all their favourite movie and characters and had a selfie to remember the moment.

But of course, the highlight of the visit was always going to be about the rides! There were thrill rides including the BuzzsawHot Wheels Sidewinder roller coaster, Tailspin and many more! These rides can make your hair stand on end and get the heart pumping.

Some rides were a little less action-packed, which Ethan and Justin were happy to try as well.

Get Support to Live the Life You Want

Unlike Ethan, Justin sometimes feels a little nervous about going on rides. But with the support of his Lifestyle Assistant and his good friend, Ethan, by his side, Justin took to the rides like a duck to water. By the end of the day, Justin was proud that he had stepped out of his comfort zone and tried a few rides that he wouldn’t have normally tried before.

Every Afford outing involves fun and exploration, as well as the chance to learn new skills. Ethan and Justin, with support from their Lifestyle Assistants, developed their money handling skills during their day out to Dreamworld.

Develop Your Skills

With their own money, they bought lunch and ice creams to enjoy. They chose the food that they wanted, counted out the money they needed and then handed over the correct amount to the workers at the registers.

Ethan and Justin enhanced their skills and managed a variety of unique and continuously changing social situations during their Dreamworld visit. Their confidence has grown, and their friendship has flourished.

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