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Easter is always a time for fun, friends and learning at Afford! It’s a time where we celebrate as a community and get involved in loads of activities that help us develop our skills and, most importantly, make us happy.

Channel Your Inner Artist

Easter art and crafts are always at the top of the list of activities for this time of year. Art is a great way to express our creativity. Clients are always so proud to put up their creations as decorations around their site or to gift them to family members or friends.

At Lurnea Day Program, Rosanna put her fine motor skills to the test and made a cute bunny for Easter. She folded the paper back and forth to make a fan, shaped it into a circle for the bunny face and then added decorations. So creative!

Jean, from Oran Park Day Program chose paints to decorate her plaster bunny. Just like Jean’s smile, her bunny became a vibrant ray of sunshine with bright colours all over it.

But art and crafts aren’t limited to paint and pencils. Clients at Campbelltown have made Easter cards using sand! First, they peeled back the sticky sections and then they spread the different coloured sand around their picture. After that, they brushed off the excess sand and voilà – a beautiful sand art card to give to someone for Easter!

Decorate and Celebrate

The ladies at the Eagle Vale Group Home brightened up their home with lovely home-made Easter decorations. They bought pink shredded paper and placed it in cute, pink buckets. In their buckets, they put eggs, bunnies and other things that remind them of Easter. With support from Lifestyle Assistants, they put up an Easter banner and put all the buckets and Easter eggs out, ready to celebrate! On Easter Sunday Day, the ladies had a quiet dinner together and an Easter egg hunt at home.

Try Something New

For something a little different, the clients at Green Valley Day Program made Easter themed suncatchers! There were chicks popping out of eggs, bunnies, butterflies, Easter eggs and more to keep everyone painting away. Using a specific type of paint, clients carefully coloured their sun catchers and let them dry. Then they hung them up around their site as decorations for Easter. Everyone was so proud to have contributed to decorating their site for Easter. To celebrate together, everyone at the site enjoyed an Easter afternoon tea with Easter eggs and goodies that clients made during the morning baking program. Yum!

Get Creative

While we can’t visit the Easter Show this year, Jamisontown Day Program staff have brought the fun of the show to their clients! They have made their very own Easter show bags, complete with lots of goodies like chocolates, lollies and, of course, Easter eggs! The clients and their families are making the most of this great idea and buying up lots of bags. Not only is this bringing the fun of the Easter show to Jamisontown, but it’s also supporting clients to develop money skills.

Always Supporting Your Needs

At Afford, we are very fortunate to have staff who are committed to bringing happiness to every individual, in all types of situations. Throughout this challenging time, staff are innovating ways to provide engaging supports for clients to enjoy new life experiences and develop their skills with safety and support.

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