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Elizabeth one of our clients at Afford Employment (DES) was eager to find a new job. Previously she was placed into a job at a fruit and vegetable supermarket, but felt that the nature of the role didn’t suit her strengths. Although she has some health barriers, she’s a very enthusiastic worker, all she needed was a little guiding hand in the right direction. Elizabeth’s Employment Consultant at Afford, Aida Kassis began to look for other job opportunities for Elizabeth.

After observing Elizabeth at a few workplaces, Aida recommended her for a job at Sundown Nursery in Guildford. Before the interview, Aida helped with updating her resume, practising interview skills and identifying her strengths and abilities. She was successful in her interview and was offered a work trial opportunity. How exciting! Elizabeth had never worked in a nursery before and she didn’t know too much about plants and gardening, but she was very quick to learn.

The first day was a little nerve wracking, “which plants should I water?” and “how do I pull the weeds out?” but Tony and the team were so lovely and supportive, they showed Elizabeth everything she needed to learn. Liz had a natural love for the plants and took care of them and did everything she was asked. That’s exactly what the employer was looking for so she was offered a position with the nursery as a Nursery General Hand.

Aida supported Elizabeth through travel training for the first few days and also stayed with her at work until she was confident to catch the two buses herself and get to work independently. It didn’t take her long to learn.
“Wow, I did it. I was worried I’d get off on the wrong bus stop, but I did so well” said Elizabeth.

‘When I visited Elizabeth at work, she was so comfortable with the plants in the nursery. I asked her where I could get a lemon tree and she knew exactly where it was and even told me how I could plant it,” commented Aida.
Elizabeth is really enjoying her job and her employer frequently comments on her good performance and helpful personality.

“Elizabeth is a great addition to our team here. She’s dedicated. She comes in, gets the job done and is pleasant to work with. We’re happy to have her on board with us and we understand that some days she may need a little extra support, but we are here to help her along the way” said Tony from Sundown Nursery.
After her first 6 months on the job, Liz was kept on as an ongoing employee and also received a pay rise.
“Afford have helped me a lot, I feel more confident and happier.” said Elizabeth.

Well done Elizabeth! It’s such a great achievement.
Soon you’ll be a garden expert!